Four Questions

I have been ever so slowly coming out of my shell as of late. We went to Silent Sunday this year and actually mingled without Casey telling me I should. It was relaxing without the heavy cloud hanging overhead. This carried over into where I have been getting more comfortable at Sunday Night’s church service. While I may be getting more comfortable I am still happy the Sparkle and Shine Ministry gives me a reason to leave without awkward goodbyes instead of feeling like a bump on a log.

To help push me along I started looking at Jesus’s example. When I was baptized, First Assembly gave every one a copy of the Message translation. It is easy to read for an overview, more like a novel. So I have so far been going through Mark a chapter at a time looking for four things.

  • How is Jesus behaving interpersonally?
  • What is he teaching?
  • Key verses that stand out?
  • How can I make this applicable?

One of the standouts was how self-righteous people angered Jesus, usually the Pharisees. I asked for the same servant’s heart that Jesus has. No matter what he was doing, he would help anyone that came to him in need. I do okay when it is planned, but when it is off the cuff ‘hey, they may need help’, not so much. :/

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