It’s Not The Road Traveled But The Journey

One day a young man left his parents to find his own way. He wandered everywhere, sipping from many creeks and watching many trails. Every person he came across he asked one question.

“What is your perception of me?”

The answer always remained the same, a wanderer with no direction or idea of where to start. Then one day he came upon a stranger, asking the same question of him.

“You are seeking for a path,” was the answer. Then he elaborated on it, “In life take care of your needs, rely not on charity, just your own strength. Seek not a singular path yet, instead explore the entirety of the world and its wonders, drinking deeply of the experience and knowledge. You seek a single path up a great mountain filled with many ways to the top, enjoy the exploration of them and then you can wisely decide the path for you.”

They parted ways, the stranger on his path, and the young man striking out with a new appreciation.

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