Third Competition after the ROP/S&S Blended Program

Since I started these competitions I’ve liked checking my strength and conditioning benchmarks; when I began I found I was weaker and utilizing the 40 Day Workout I got my strength back to previous levels. This time I went from an easy strength program to a press specialization program by plugging in press ladders for half the workouts with the goal to climb higher. I did overcome a plateau that I was stuck at for two years. I reached 3 ladders of 1-2-3-4 and 2 ladders of 1-2-3. I can keep going but it’s time to back off to a park bench training program. More on that later, so am I stronger?

photoYes. I weighed in at 152.4lbs and pressed the 53.2lb kettlebell 6 times both sides. I was proud to hit 41% of my bodyweight over head at a 62lb max. While my raw strength went up I had to check my conditioning levels with the Snatch Test, 100 reps in 5 minutes with the 53lb ‘bell. My numbers had been consistently dropping all year in it. This time wasn’t any different with a paltry 29 reps. Best ever was 46, falling to 38, to this which begs the question, why? In the 50th episode of Scott Iardella’s podcast Dan John said it’s a lungs or guns problem and I’ll see which before the next competition. With that behind me I asked Scott on his latest podcast about another way to hit the 1/2 bodyweight press without the high rep ladders that are a bit taxing at my age, especially training with 90-95% of your max a lot of the time. He suggested Easy Strength format and heavy Get-Ups.

I was reading Intervention at the time going through the questions and seeing what I need to do now. I wanted to keep the press groove fresh, that is the goal. So I came up with this program to toy with from reading that and taking what Scott said:

Warm-Up: Original Strength Resets for a minute apiece, the hinge wall drill for 5 and a Get-Up with a shoe balanced on my fist each side. 

Strength & Conditioning: 60 Swings in sets of 10 with 53lb kettlebell, time it every two weeks. Under five minutes and I add a set. 

Week One: Monday & Tuesday 2×5/ Wednesday 5-3-2 / Friday and Saturday 2×5

Week Two: Monday 2×5/ Tuesday 6×1/ Wednesday 1×10/ Friday 2×5/ Saturday 5-3-2 

Cycling every two weeks between military and floor presses.

Suitcase Carry with that day’s Press weight to finish. I’ll change the load per Dan’s instructions in the book. Every day during the rest periods between swings and presses I’ll put in my correctives of Push Up Planks and Bulgarian Goat Bag Swings which sounds weirder than it is. This should cut down on my daily training time though a day is added from the current four and see what the next 7 weeks look like. Next week is the assessment to see where my body metrics are so I’m guessing there will be an improvement in my shoulders. We’ll see. 

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