Losing It: The Insanity of Anger

One issue I’ve had for a long time is letting my limbic system (monkey brain) run wild creating scenarios in my head of what I perceive is happening or will happen. This usually results in angering me over imaginary situations with people. Ever do that?

Alright, now take it in another direction, arguments online and tough-talking keyboard warriors fighting over issues they have no control over. One of the stoic tools is to change the perspective when angry by looking at the humor of it. Sounds hard, right?

Here is what I do when I run scenarios in my mind that anger me:

When I start to get worked up during an imagined conflict, I pause and imagine what would happen if I said everything  that I was thinking in that current time and place. It would look like a screaming argument with my imaginary friend. Goodbye sanity, hello straitjacket.

In the second case of online arguments, you are in a sense arguing with your television. Sure there is another person on the other end, but can you really do anything to them? Threats are empty and amusing, all you’re doing is self-soothing at an unimportant slight while arguing with a glass screen. Verbalize it and the result is the same as the above scenario.

Farewell sanity, I knew you not.

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