The Calm Before and After the Storm

Last month was a first for me, I had never flown before, and after watching a plane take off I wondered if it would feel like a rollercoaster. I hate rollercoasters so when the time came I did a little diagphramic breathing on a four count to take the edge off of my heart starting to race. That was it, outside of sweaty palms it was great, something I look forward to again.

A few times that weekend I thought about the calmness in the face of things that terrified me before. Plane crash, crazy drivers, hit by a train (crossing tracks in a buggy), drive off into the lake; a lot of it crossed my mind while riding in my father-in-law’s Kawasaki Razr. Ripping through fields and over hills my adrenaline barely trickled if at all. I don’t think it’s caused by burn out either.

Is it a result of having dealt with the past year?

Is it the experience of facing actual danger and dealing with primal fear?

Is it the application of the Stoic Trichotomy of Control where I know where I am powerless so I don’t “what if” myself into panic?

I kind of think it may be all of the above, my scales adjusted to a point it takes a lot to move the needle. Things falling into the categories of a problem to be solved and if it’s something I can’t handle then it is what it is. How I respond is the only control I truly have.

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