Different, but Same

While on vacation my mother-in-law suggested we make a trip to Niagara Falls, which of course piqued my curiosity for many reasons. First, I have never seen it before. Second, never been that close to Canada before. Lastly, the people watching, in any group I am in I watch out for trouble and that situational awareness makes for interesting observations.

Among everyone, I saw Hindus, Sikhs, and many people from the Orient, and pinged on a few individuals that broke the pattern. One person had a quiet intensity in the way he carried himself, not tense but experienced, his hat marking him as a Vietnam veteran. Another was a stocky individual that moved with a hitch, he was not at home in his body, think sick gazelle if you want to bring it to how a human predator looks at the world. Then there was the heavyset person giving me dirty looks for some reason. I remarked to my father-in-law about all the different cultures that were present, I will just say he was not as appreciative of the colorfulness as I was.

Days later flying home I stared at the ground 6 ½ miles below thinking how everything is so small. It gives a sense of perspective looking at the Earth and not seeing the interpersonal differences, property lines, or borders, it is all tiny, and fleeting compared to the age of the ground it sits on. When I saw the different cultures, I was noting the similarities they had with me, the gawking, some stressed, some worried about where to go and staying together. Just like any human, you focus on the similarities the differences just become interesting stories.

I try not to judge others by anything more than harmful behavior towards me; it is the only issue that can affect me.


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