Why I Am So Quiet…

It is surprising how little it seems that people know about introverts; I attempted to explain it after I was asked why I was not going to a company picnic. My response was truthful, but confusing; I had said, “No, people make me tired.” It does sound a little insulting.

To better explain I want you to think about when you are out in public or a party atmosphere, does it make you tired or energetic? Within four hours, I am completely drained in large groups, however with close friends and family I am good for about four days, with breaks to recharge alone. The only exception is my wife she is special like that.

Introverts are like batteries, the more people around them the faster they are drained. Extraverts on the other hand are like solar panels, they absorb people’s energy around them. Where I like to talk with one or two people at a time in depth, my wife can entertain a group for hours. Where some may like to mingle and talk while entertaining others, I naturally prefer to entertain my thoughts (where do you think all this writing comes from ;)).

If it was not for Facebook I would probably barely talk to anyone, though to my wife’s credit I am opening up a bit. I manage short bursts and then I am done, something that took her six and a half years to accomplish. Still with introverts like me, if it is not time with those closest to me, I would be just fine at home alone. That is something my wife has a hard time understanding easily since she is the polar opposite. Just like with her I stay out as long as possible with her so she can enjoy herself without worrying about me so much, I will just be over here watching and reading.

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