Second Competition Day of 2014

The second competition of the year arrived, every three months I test my goals of the ½-bodyweight kettlebell military press followed by shooting for 100 snatches in five minutes with the 53lb kettlebell. After the first competition’s poor showing of five and three reps, left and right respectively, I changed my game plan to train using the 40-Day Workout’s pure strength approach. The aim was to get my strength back to previous levels at a minimum. So how did I do, Weak as a kitten with the conditioning of a sloth?

½ Bodyweight Press

Warmed up with a very light press to knock the rust off my pressing groove with the 28lb kettlebell, set up my wife’s tablet to record so all I had to focus on was the work and away I went. Grabbed the kettlebell, hiked it back, exploded up into the rack, and pressed it…1…2…3…4…5 times. Same with my left, proving the easy strength plan worked in bringing my strength up to previous levels along with addressing the imbalances between the two sides. I was hoping for six reps on each side, though with my current weight at 152lbs that puts my maximum strength at 40%, to hit the 50% mark I have to lift 76lbs. That would take four reps with my 70lb kettlebell, the next size up from my 53.

Snatch Test

After a twenty-minute break, I checked the tablet, set the timer on my phone, and faced the kettlebell for the second time. Hooking the handle, hiking back, exploding into a stationary vertical jump, pulling back and punching up to let the ‘bell settle into place, then making it fall and almost hurl itself out of my hand on the hinge to hit the couch.

I stopped the test to see what was up, finding the handle to be unusually slick I dried it off with a towel and washed my hands. Restarting the timer I pushed my limits, five reps each side, three reps, one rep, powered through to three again, repeatedly until the timer went off. After I caught my breath, I watched the video, counting the good reps, for 38 reps as opposed to the 46-rep baseline I set previously. The strength focus sapped my conditioning, however since I went back to Simple and Sinister with its steady diet of one-hand swings my conditioning will improve.

Overall in six months I regained my previous strength levels, improved the imbalances and taking a small hit in conditioning. No pictures this time since I did the test in pajama pants without a shirt and no one wants to see that. 

In two weeks, it will be time for my self-assessment with a look at body composition and the details on my strategy.

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