The Path Chosen

In one of the Unchained questions it asks about two of your favorite movie scenes. One is from Batman Begins ( the second from Captain America: The First Avenger (

Odd choices on face value, and the reason I picked them is in Batman is the Will To Act and the fact Batman is proactive, cerebral, read’s people and understands their motives. The ideal is Human Perfection.

Steve Rogers, the reasoning about that scene is he was a scrawny runt that was picked on. Something I’m familiar with. He respects the power he was given, stays a good man because he remembers when he was weak. Ideal being Humble.

The correlation: came a long way from the bullied, insecure kid. Still a long way to go, Ronin’s Journey has showed what I had become. The same type of egotistical asshole that picked on me. This trial by fire matured me. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should, or let it go to your head.

Above all…be a good man, remember that rudeness is a weak imitation of strength, your chosen family is first and no one gets left behind.

By alvincapalad-d5dz167

By alvincapalad-d5dz167


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