Looking From The Outside In

Week 33 I picked up Rory Miller’s new book ConCom, looking deeper into the Triune Brain Theory as a model of human behavior. While I read, I wondered if Stoicism when applied could tame the limbic system enough to let the neocortex have more of a say. Think of the monkey calming down enough to let the human work. It has done an excellent job of giving me something to think about, showing where I can be manipulated and mental weaknesses lie. Knowing your limits and distinguishing your strengths is not a bad thing; with the plus of seeing and mitigating your reflexive actions helps keep you in control. Over the course of the week, I saw my amygdala (lizard brain), the oldest part of the human brain, plus my wife’s take two different courses of action. On the way home, our tire exploded, triggering a terrifying flashback in her that left her screaming as she was forced to relieve that day. For me the amygdala hijacked me and emotionlessly on automatic, I pulled over with the neocortex taking inventory, noting her screaming and what was needed to fix it. The mind is amazingly complex, even allowing me to understand the why, what and how of my behavior and how to adapt.

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