Fred Phelps Died and Nothing Changed

Fred Phelps of the infamous Westboro Baptist church died yesterday, with today most of my Facebook News Feed ‘dancing on his grave’. One from an LGBT Equality page didn’t though with the reasoning of not wanting to stoop to his level. I reposted with “Rise Above”, not due to worry about falling to his level but because it is pointless. Honestly, even this social commentary is pointless.

Think about it, churches preach against homosexuality as a sin, yet the reason WBC offended us is how they did it in comparison of how we feel it should be handled. Tribal issue over how things should be done.

Except, how much sleep did we lose over him and the church’s actions honestly? I didn’t lose any. Honestly, unless you made a point to go stand between them and a funeral like the Patriot Riders it probably wasn’t that important to you either.

Why? Because it’s not that important, unless we accomplish something great, the average person doesn’t make a news cycle let alone a history book.

Did I agree with his methods? Strategically they were brilliant in getting the media out and putting the WBC into our heads or else it would’ve stayed an obscure Kansas church with a tiny congregation. Their message I disagreed with, I just don’t take it personally. I am a hated individual, yet unless we have a relationship, what others feel don’t matter to me. If I let it matter I would be miserable and they would win. Anyone’s joy over Phelps’s death doesn’t effect the WBC, like most people who identify strongly with a group, they don’t see others as equals but as an opposing or lesser group. We’re just noise.

Something to think about…


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