Doors Close and Doors Open; Week 32

The conclusion of my biggest legal issues had finally arrived; the Ides of March brought the court date along with the price I had to pay. The paranoia I remember from months ago did not return at the scale it had been before, though it was present as a bit of anxiety. With some success, the Stoic principles have been proven the most useful tools I have found yet.

epictetus_quoteWhile I still worry and feel the pull to control, the realization that it’s not all under my control has helped me refocus on what I can. It gives me a greater appreciation of life while I notice my stress levels have been falling, so much so that Week 32 was only a page of insights and not all related.

It has been bringing a sense of tranquility, except instead of a Buddhist Monk meditating by a waterfall its more just enjoying the little things and everything. Stepping outside after I wake to let the cool air jolt me awake while the coffeemaker works. Moving through life at a measured pace with less worry, yet still knocking down task after task. It’s not a complete turnaround, it’s a process and it’s one I’m enjoying.


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