Mental Wall

Week 25’s excerpt from Ronin’s Journey. I may condense the layout into months rather than weeks, just an idea to toy with…


Ever have something in your head that is holding you back? Something that says ‘what’s the point’ so you never really make plans or even want to get up in the morning. It was about this week I started to reclaim life after last week’s humbling experience. I took my second chance and started to run with it along with a different outlook based on experience.

Many people have a mental block or experience holding them back, in my case it was the threat of jail time, and it was an issue that had to be dealt with before I could really pursue anything in earnest. Do you know what is holding you back? Some would say, I included usually, it is simply a lack of will. Except, you may find yourself dealing with circumstances not under your control and feel like you are in a perpetual tug of war.


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