What Is Happening In 2014

2014! What’s it bringing? You never know, however I will be bringing a few things to you this year.

• Working with my partners, Luke and Burke, the driving force behind Wicked Jester Clothing,  we will be traveling the country going to conventions and bringing new shirts to you guys along with some classics.

• The book Ronin’s Journey may be finished by the end of the year. It’s writing therapy for me so when I cease to gain insights from writing it, I’ll wrap it up.

• Decided at the beginning of the year to take Growls Of A Wolf off the market to be updated and revised. The last day it’ll be available on Amazon is July 5th. It’ll return as an E-Book on Smashwords and available for a variety of devices. I’ll strip the poetry, short story and biographical parts out and add more social political commentary.

Just some of the things in the works for this year.

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