Is It Really That Important?

Something to think about the next time you’re pissed at your spouse; you’re in a horrible argument and they finally throw up their arms, stomping off to the car to cool off. You watch them leave, still mad yourself because they just don’t get it. Time passes, they’re still not home. You wonder what the hell is taking them so long when you hear footsteps approaching the door.

‘Good’, you think, ’round two.’

However, they don’t come in so you go to the door as you hear a knock. Instead of your significant other you find a police officer with his hat in hand. Two miles away from your home there was an accident and your spouse died at the scene.

Life as you knew it just ended…

Was whatever you have ever argued about worth it? You would probably gladly take all the bad in exchange to see them alive just one more blessed moment. Instead your last words to each other filled with venom and anger. It’ll weigh on you as you’re filled with regrets. What if you hadn’t been arguing, then they’d never left and would still be here.

Remember, when you got together you signed up for the same team. They’re not your enemy and friendly fire isn’t so friendly, it’s just as lethal as enemy fire. Focus on the problem and keep the relationship the priority. Staying together is the line in the sand. Think about that the next time you argue, about what you gain OR lose by being ‘right’.

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