Giving A Damn (Week 18)

Watch sometime when people greet each other; they usually politely ask superficial questions? What if you give more of an answer than, ‘all right’? How long is their attention held? Many people, myself included, will ‘listen’ while already distracted by what we want to say. Alternatively, look at their phone instead of the person they are face to face with before returning their attention back to them.

I have an incredibly introverted personality, and I do not really show a lot of emotion, or really feel it on a very deep level. So much so, I tested for a higher level of autism, Asperger’s, which I do not have I learned after the test. This leads to my urge to isolate myself, however my wife balances that out by making me leave the house. One thing that happens when I am out is people use me to vent their problems and issues. Not random strangers, unless online, but people I am marginally connected to or more.

Where I write to purge, they talk and I will listen. Like really listen, you can learn a lot by telling your brain to shut the hell up. Lot of things you do not want to keep bottled up, and finding someone who gives a damn enough to listen goes a long way. You do not have to fix them, just listen carefully, and if asked then respond. A little time can go a long way.

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