Emotional Dial?

Patti (Therapist) wants me to write about the tool of flipping negative perspective to positive perspective except applied to emotions to no emotions. She’s convinced I have a deep well that is suppressed.

This is the thing about emotions, most of the bad ones don’t serve a purpose and usually limit you. The good ones add light to your life and the bad ones add darkness to an already dark situation. Something bad happens, how do you feel about it? Does stewing in it help? Experience it and get over it. Crying ‘Woe is me’ doesn’t move you forward.

Easy to say, easy to do for me, but the emotion just might be sitting at a lower level since I address it and move on intellectually while it stews underneath. Maybe I’m just really good at bouncing back, you find ways to cope and tough environments produce tough people.

It’s a rare 17:06 now that gets a deep emotional reaction from me now. It’s also could be that I try to keep the emotional monkey brain in check unless I need him in social situations. The Triune Brain theory is an interesting theory. So yes, I have immense self-control emotionally and when I do try to draw out emotions unless it’s happiness or anger it doesn’t last long. Maybe they’re weak from lack of use?

I do have a gamut of emotions going through my head and I think the stoic look has been with me a long time. It doesn’t bother me near as much as others it seems and it is a pain because I have to make sure they actually see acknowledgment from me since what I think is a big smile is actually a upturning of the mouth corners.

So, the switch, where is it? Think I covered it in the second paragraph pretty well.



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