Redemption? A Ronin’s Journey Excerpt

The Week 16 Chapter excerpt Redemption? in the  book Ronin’s Journey


In the time, I started writing these I have posted the essays in closed social networking groups and the Howls forum for dissection, conversation and I hope they are helping. What I had hoped would happen did, my writings and the insights I got from these helps people. I am a better listener and my advice tested. It makes me feel good to see that.

Even more than that, life tested me on multiple occasions. It seems like when I asked for redemption a higher power, fate, God or whoever you prescribe too said ‘okay’ and I frequently find myself in situations where being calm, unbreakable so I can get the job done is called for quite frequently. I have not changed my habits so it is coming to me. The traits of altruism and selflessness are not an area I had been familiar with, I still see it as something that needs doing and I enjoy doing it. In the process, I have learned things about myself in action and techniques to deal with what is happening inside. Like sidestepping the emotional flood of anxiety and not entertaining the thoughts so they die out quicker while I observe. I got that from the Conflict Communications website that Marc and Rory have up. Another thing I came to realize is my Plan A is good, Plan B is much better. All of this together I learned to apply with Rory’s mental drill of training initiative.

Unfortunately, I had to apply this one Sunday Night at deer camp, when my dad was turned around after dark in the woods.


Cliff hanger, eh? Week 17 really taught me a lot about myself and how far I had come, and I’ll be in the process of writing it when this post goes up online.

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