Split Personalities?

My wife, Casey, brought up an interesting perception the other night, that I have different personalities. I don’t really have multiple personalities however I do have different mindsets which draw from different aspects of my personality. To set the foundation, my personality is ISTJ, which is Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging. The opposite is Extroverted, Feeling, Intuitive, Perceiving.

Using myself in social settings for example, the bigger and/or unfamiliar the crowd the more I’ll draw in, watch and process. This tilts the other way when I’m in the comfort of my home, there I’m more extroverted and feeling along with sitting comfortable in my routine. Then there is my happy medium when I’m in a group of people I’m comfortable with or just out and about where I balance the introversion and extroversion so I can communicate better, along with tapping into the feeling and intuitive sides to get a feel for emotional energy and being more emphatic so I can be more open.

Different shifts in personality can seem possible, especially to someone who doesn’t interact with you on all levels. Now if I acted like my very extroverted wife, that would be a completely different personality since she’s my opposite. Instead the mindsets are like a uniform that you wear for whichever situation you’re in. In large groups I’m a Watcher, in close groups or just out I’m the Guardian, and at home I default to Ronin.

Look inside your life and see what different mindsets you use every day, learn some things about yourself.

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