Time To Get My Focus Back and Press On

Another six weeks has come and gone so it is time for another self-assessment. I slacked a little due to a pulled neck muscle and a case of vertigo. When the world starts spinning, I do not want to be holding up 97lbs of kettlebells overhead. No Bueno.

Last time I had done this I said I would go into another complex for hypertrophy, except this bit of pain in my lower back tells me to lay off the double kettlebells for a while. In its place, I will go into the hybrid programs in The Martial Arts Kettlebell Connection.

The different sessions work different attributes and aspects of the system you train. Day One is footwork, Day 2 is technique, and Day 3 is Weapons (Stick) for my grip. It is in a circuit of swings, cleans, presses, and squats with active recovery between rounds. The technique work will be my chosen technique to polish during that week both between exercises and in the recovery. I have a technique, I will test its structure, the optimum range of power, and I will just work that move so I can learn all the nuances so I have it ready when necessary.



Still, even slacking, I tested my one-rep max for the military press during the benchmark test. My left side I can press 39% of my bodyweight or 62lbs, it has stayed the same. My right side is stronger at 38% or 60lbs so that plateau was broken finally. So let us look at my measurements:

Fitness Progress Report:

Body Composition (inches)

Body Part                      Before                  After                   -/+

Neck                               14.5                   14.4               -0.1

Shoulders             3.30                   44.50            +1.2

Chest                             37.80                  38.50         +0.7

Waist                             32.5                   33.4               +0.9

Biceps                    12.55                 12.75             +0.2

Forearms                   10.95                10.97             +0.02

Thighs                         22.05                 22.25            +0.20

Calves                          13.7                    14                   +0.3

Weight                  154.4 lbs          159.2            +4.8

Body Fat %                14.6%                16.7%          +2.1%

Lean Body Mass    131.8lbs            132.7           +0.9lbs

Gains in size, muscle and fat. I expect the kettlebell circuits that are primarily conditioning to drop the fat percentage under 15% where I like it.

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