Breakthrough; Final Part

1002611_232580373562380_1664491440_nThe final part, asked a question and found the answers. Now what?


There are things that happen all the time we cannot change, however having the proverbial Sword of Damocles, hanging over our head does not help. You/I have the question going through the mind of ‘Can I take the world on?’ instead of that reactive thought try this one.

How Will I?

Dealing with the problems that life and the people in it, you have to change the mindset, the goal you want. Instead of worrying about being hurt, there is hardly anything someone can do to my feelings compared to the emotional internal hell I have walked through, so it is a nonissue. As far as my past fears of bullies and assholes, it is just an issue of having the goal of ‘not going to happen, been there, done that, it is nothing new.’ This way I can focus on helping others, live with a lot less fear and grow into a better, more complete person.


I do hope these have helped you as writing them has helped me.

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