Breakthrough; Part Two

bruce-lee-quote-to-know-oneself-is-to-study-oneself-in-action-with-anotherIn part two of Week 14 I looked at the past with a different twist, instead of focusing on the negative instead look at the times I said ‘No More’. I recommend everyone do this and I’m starting with my childhood.


In a 17:06 I covered every time I had failed to stand up too bullies and abusers however in the free writing flow my mind overlooked something. I didn’t look back at the times I hadn’t failed, the situations I rose above and walked through intact. So let us make this trip so I can realize that I am not that kid bouncing between homes looking for escape from school and home problems any longer.

First, there was elementary school, and a kid named Joe who was picking on me. Until I hit him and I guess I got his respect or he did not want to push the issue any further. Then in the 5th Grade, Todd thought it was funny to exhale his bad breath into my face, until I hit him. We got closer after that, even turning into my best buddy until he moved the next year. Then in the Junior High years, I was at Kids for Christ one Wednesday and an older kid was holding one smaller than me upside down. He would not put him down after I asked him to, so I hit him, and the fight was on. It did not end until we were pulled apart. In addition, my family was on a camping trip with a friend and my mom and stepfather got into a really loud screaming fight after we had went to bed. At one point, it got so bad I got up, a terrified kid and stood beside my mom facing him. That ended that particular squabble.

Later around the time I graduated High School my stepbrother felt froggy one day, not sure the reason though it was a new family and he was the dominant one of his siblings and me of mine so this was over dominance I can almost guarantee. He was ranked in Tae Kwon Do, I was self-taught at this point in Paul Vunak’s Rapid Assault Tactics, and he decided to try to kick me, until I knocked him into a corner and kept hitting him. We had a lot of fights and sparring matches, won the fights lost the sparring. Dennis is a favorite sparring partner of mine these days.


Tomorrow in part three I look at my adulthood up to this point and more on why I’m focusing on this.

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