What Would I Do During That ‘Oh Shit’ Moment

A couple of weeks ago I had written about designing a counter-assault/ambush response, an idea I got from Rory Miller’s book Facing Violence. Therefore, after discovering my consistent flinch response along with studying Marc MacYoung’s book Taking It To The Street where he introduced the concept-to me- of the wedge, I had an idea.

*click* Another piece of the puzzle found its home.

Then in my martial art’s class we were working on a drill for the front snap kick: Stepping out of range of a punch while Tan Sao (palm up block) or Biu Sao (palm down, go right for eye gouge automatically) at a 45 to set up the snap kick.

*click* Hmmm, what if instead of the Tan Sao or Biu Sao I use the wedge?

It looks like the JKD or Wing Chun stance with the centerline covered and it shoots out to shear off incoming forces. When the attack came, I moved from my natural conversational stance to the JKD Ready with a step back and to the side. This betters my position being out of range and offline of that attack. At the same time where before I parried this time, I threw out the wedge to stop anything the step missed. With the parry it did not leave much room for follow up, this gives me a chance at strikes or takedowns while making the threat’s position worse and protecting me.

Not quite a Golden Move but leaves the option for it.

Me and my brother in Atlanta before he ‘killed’ me.

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