Kettlebell Complexes, I Think I Love You

Tried my hand at the Grad Workout. No schedule, just a goal of twice a week workouts based on energy. They were amazingly short, generally falling between four to eight minutes. Double kettlebells, my 44 and 53lb ones, two cleans, one military press and three front squats. Rest for however long it took to do the training usually 45 seconds and I would go as many rounds as I can with good form. Six was my top.

Fitness Progress Report:

Body Composition

Body Part                      Before                  After                   -/+

Neck                               14.5                   14.5               0

Shoulders                  43.0                   43.30            +0.3

Chest                             37.50                  37.80         +0.3

Waist                             32.5                   32.5               0

Biceps                           12.5                 12.55             +0.05

Forearms                   10.82                10.95             +0.13

Thighs                         22.12                 22.05            -0.07

Calves                          13.75                 13.7             -0.05

Weight                         154.4 lbs          154.4            0

Body Fat %                14.6%                14.6%           0%

Lean Body Mass    131.8lbs              131.8           0lbs

Upper body grew without me pushing it but even with the front squats legs got a hair smaller. Body fat, weight, and lean body mass all stayed the same. Haven’t been counting calories, just making sure I’ve had enough protein to keep the mass I have in place. Being a hardgainer, when I get it I don’t want to lose it. I’ll keep this up for another six weeks and then I’ll start another complex from StrongFirst, Pavel’s Total Tension Complex.

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