Sneak Peek at the Upcoming Book

Cover Concept

The new book is still very much in progress though I figured I would give you a sneak peek at this project. Decided on the title last week, and after reading the Introduction I’m sure you’ll agree Ronin’s Journey fits.


For a large portion of my adult life, people asked me for advice, even publishing a couple of books full of it. I was also notorious about not taking my own advice. Then I decided to look deeper and make some changes but in one case, it was almost too late and my whole world turned upside down. This is a book about ego, pride, regret, and rebirth.

How it’s structured is basically a timeline from when I started up the mountain, was kicked off and looked deep within myself at the shock of losing my godson. Part of my healing process was keeping a grief journal. It was more like a log book of emotions, flashbacks, insights, flashback occurrences, shaky hands and anxiety attacks. Then a week later I would look at the week as a whole, extract insights and look for patterns. After some time passed I’d look at the insights with ‘fresh’ eyes and expand them into essays for the book.


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