Rollercoaster Summer

It’s been an insane summer for myself and Abyss Press. 

Tried a limited run of shirts that were well received and will be brought back in one form or another.

Then an extremely low note, tragedy struck my family when we lost my godson in an accident. From that I set aside the ‘Breakdown‘ book project and started the book tentatively titled ‘Meditations‘ as a form of therapy and hopefully help for others who are soul searching. I revisited the Forging Ronin series when life showed me what my real priorities are.  It will be Abyss Press’s first ever standalone E-Book.

Then at the latest Wolf Fest I was chosen by the pack to be one of the co-owners of Wicked Jester while Thorin leaves to focus on his writing career. This doesn’t mean Abyss Press goes away, it’ll benefit greatly from what I learn from working at Wicked Jester.

Here’s to new beginnings! 

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