What Then?

Been away for awhile, had a tragedy strike and my head isn’t into writing essays quite yet. So I’ll leave this one for you to chew on from a friend.

Seeking Shadows

An age old pondering, and one I’ve contemplated too many times to recount, in what happens after we die; after our hearts stop pumping blood, after we cease to have a heartbeat, after the last breath slips from our lungs and past our lips. What then?

There are plenty of theories:

Christianity/Catholicism: Each person goes to either Heaven or Hell, based on the lives they lived. There you await the Second Coming.

Judaism: If you are Jewish, you enter into Gan Eden ( The Garden of Eden ), where you eventually raise up and merge with God.

Islam: You go Al-Janna ( The Garden ), where you lounge and relax.

Norse/Germanic: If you die in battle, you may be selected to go to either Valhalla or Folkvang, otherwise you go to Helheim. You either linger, or you are possibly reincarnated.

There are many more, some similar, some not. There’s also…

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