Returning To My Kettlebell Now

CNS Chart

CNS Chart

Just off five weeks of bodyweight training courtesy of Convict Conditioning and I learned something-I cannot do this as a full time fitness modality. Calisthenics, progressive or otherwise just does not light my fire. The New Blood program consisted of training two days only a week and I had to force myself to do it.

Day 1 consisted of push-ups and leg raises (easier progressions for warm up at 20 and 15 reps) and two work sets of 10. Day 2 was pull-ups and squats (easier progressions for warm-up and then two work sets). *Yawn*

I’m ready to grab my Kettlebell again, but only one. No double Kettlebell work for a while. Too much, too soon as evidenced by my CNS chart; took it down by half. I was going to start a martial arts based program but I am not feeling it so I will be saying hello to an old friend, The Rite of Passage. However, I will be training a bit different this time, super setting Pull-Ups and on variety days working up to a Pistol Squat. Only for 12 weeks, then I will switch to Power To The People for 12 weeks.

On page 157, Pavel mentions alternating pure strength for a time, and alternating dynamic work. Hence, powerlifting and kettlebells with my sprints of course, should cover pretty much everything and prevent boredom! Especially when the gains start coming in.

Fitness Progress Report:


Since I’m going back to ETK, I had to make sure I was using the right size kettlebell; have I gotten weaker and need to build back up to the 53lb kettlebell or not? To move up, you need 5-7 reps with the next size ‘bell (53lb) and I’ve been at 5 for a long time. So I did a One Rep Max Test on Friday:

Left Arm: 6 Reps (+1) Personal Record

Right Arm: 4 Reps (-1)

Good enough.

Body Composition

Body Part                      Before                  After                   -/+

Neck                               14.25                   14.0               -0.25

Shoulders                  44.25                   43.75            -0.50

Chest                             38.75                  37.25             -1.5

Waist                             31.85                   32.5               +.65

Biceps                           12.62                   12.62                0

Forearms                   10.87                    10.80          -0.07

Thighs                         21.95                   21.8                -0.15

Calves                          13.82                      13.82             0

Weight                         151.6 lbs              153               +1.4lbs

Body Fat %                13.8%                   15.7%           +1.9%

Lean Body Mass    130.7lbs              129            -1.7lbs

Mass may fall a bit, but I can gain it back.

I said that writing the last assessment and it turned out I was right. More fat, less muscle, intolerable. The gain is my CNS was recharged and my Military Kettlebell Press went up. Now it’s time to make some numbers fall and rise in my favor.

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