Shouting In The Dark?

Talking with another writer friend this weekend, we were discussing how hard it is to promote non-fiction, especially with Facebook’s algorithm. In addition, the Internet is the best way for my introverted self to promote; I do not do well in a crowd for very long.
The pattern seems to be (in levels of reach) that pictures get the most views, status posts second and anything with a link in it is at the bottom, including events. However, I can pay to promote, and have but it is not economically feasible for a writer that is mostly unknown and nothing in the budget for it. The best method is a well-known page giving a shout out to your page if you want to reach new people. Otherwise your reach those who are dedicated page watchers (and I love every one of you for the support).

Also, an issue is subject matter, he is hardcore pushing self-mastery and I am pushing ways to decipher politics and libertarianism. It is our respective passions, but unless you are looking for it, all you will hear is preaching instead of teaching, and who likes to sit through a lecture?
Something I will have to work on as I write this next book, figuring out how to get the word out on it and others. I am a better writer than promoter…

9 thoughts on “Shouting In The Dark?

  1. I think the way to go about it is alternatives to social media. Facebook’s algorithem only serves Facebook’s agenda. A quick and easy website can be built and with the right Search Engine Optimization, you’ll be at the top of Google’s search results.

    6 Months ago you could search Inferus Viri and you’d see nothing that made sense, or nothing relelvent. Now, it dominates the front page of Google when searched for it. I think it’s time to get back to basics, start putting the word out in more practical ways.


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