Next Book Project: Breakdown

photo (1)Yesterday I began serious work on the research portion of my next book, the working title Breakdown. The concept you may have seen in the Breakdown essay series however that is just the framework. The book will go more in depth, hence the research portion, and having to relearn how to write a bibliography. Here’s the layout at the moment;

  1. Introduction
  2. America: The British Colony
  3. We’ve Had Enough!
  4. Building A Government
  5. Defending Freedom: The Citizens’ Failsafe Program
  6. Conclusion

I’ll explain why I’m writing the book (Hint: Wake Up Call), the background history on why we split, going in depth into the Declaration of Independence, the first government and then the U.S Constitution. Then looking at the first ten Rights in the Bill of Rights and my rallying cry.

Sound good? Wonder if I can have it out by July 4th next year?

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