Not Your Salvation

Daily studying the Gospel of Violence.

Seeking to understand the Darkness.

Not to battle the tyrants
Instead walking the way of ronin.

Thinking like the predatory animal that man is.
Honing the switch that turns off society’s conditioning.
Bringing to bear Hell on Earth.
Why the pushing to learn how to break a life?

Simple, to save a life.
Of the one I’m devoted to.
The red haired saint who keeps away the taint.
Darkness’s immersion balanced by Love’s light.

I’m not the guardian at the gate.
Protecting the sheep from reality’s fate.
Consider me a rogue scholar.
Here to shed light onto those who lie.

Turn a deaf ear and refuse to hear?
Enjoying your chains and slavery so dear.
I will not bleed and die for you.
You’ll receive what you deserve.

For this I train to fight!
Those who would take my way of living and life!
Preparing for a level of strife.
While still enjoying the good of life.

I’ll leave you to your self-inflicting pain.
Bleeding for others gain.
Comfortably sitting with the evil you know.
I’m out, it’s your show!

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