Ronin’s Journey: A New Beginning

944443_651080298239255_1566928342_nThe destination, the end of one journey and the beginning of another; everything is leading up to self-actualization. What is self-actualization? defines is as “the achievement of one’s full potential through creativity, independence, spontaneity, and a grasp of the real world.” You will not need the affirmations of others to help your ego, esteem or respect to feel good. You truly become independent; you become a ‘wave man’ or ronin. Belonging to none but yourself.

This does have a potential pitfall; you turn into a massive prick full of self-esteem and confidence. So much so that you will not listen to anything, then you stagnate, fall of the pyramid’s peak and get a hell of a wakeup call. I was headed in that direction hence the touch of humility in my mission statement. No matter how smart I get, I am not the smartest. Proactive 😉

To sum up the series: the urge to learn and be better combined with the personality and processing system to plan it out; builds a set of morals and principles that line up with the goal of Independence (Ronin). The abiding by the principles grows the values; which all is applied to completing the mission laid out and in the process, I gain peace and freedom. I become Ronin.

This is me; do you know who you are?

Here is how I did it by bullet points, just answer the questions for yourself.

  • What drives you to get up? If it is not a passion then you are off the tracks.
  • Do a though experiment, strip away all that you were taught in life, and then describe yourself. What are you? This is your nature.
  • Take two online personality tests, if the results are the same then you have found the lenses you view and interact with the world. If not the same, take another until you get a pairing.

Combine these three and your foundation is in place; they are the materials you have to work with.

  • Now look at the way you were brought up, that is the rules you were taught to abide by. Do you agree with them? Why? Could it be better? Do you need this one or that one? Go through them individually, do not be afraid to remove what does not fit and add your own; it is your life to live. Devise a guiding principle if you wish. When you finish you will be living on your terms by your principles. Congratulations, first chain broke.
  • Now look at what you value, does it agree with your principles? Do they agree with you? Remove what does not and add what does.

You have now decided what is moral by your reasoning.

  • What is your motto in life? Does it agree with your values? If so, live it.
  • What do you want out of life as a whole? Do it.

All of this driven internally leads to your ideal and it is a lot of work but remember you are sculpting a masterpiece. Chipping away the unessential and the chisel I recommend using is Unchained by Thorin. It helped me a whole lot, and I tell everyone they should read it, even above my own books. It is that good.

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