Ronin’s Journey: Which Direction To Travel

I learned through a combination of answers from the questionnaire, and insights from the 17:06 exercises that are in the book Unchained what direction I should pursue. From my goals, passions, psychological tendencies, and personality it gives me a place to focus on, and a mission statement to remind me. It is my mission, chosen by me, so let us break it down.

“I will live my life on my terms…”

Everything I have previously laid out in the previous two posts, these are my terms.

“…beyond the best of my ability, I will find a way.”

I have to have a goal, it is my very nature; everything I have laid out before is working towards this. To quote my dad, “Can’t never got nothing done.”

“I will become a warrior supreme…”

An odd statement in today’s world I know. However, I value fitness and martial arts, with my personal responsibility and the history of my life reminding me that I am the first line of defense so be prepared. The difference to me between a fighter and a warrior is that the warrior fights for something on so many levels, not just a physical opponent. Survival, code of conduct either personal or group’s, and possess more than just technique. Like the Ronin I take my name from.

“be the kind of husband my wife has always fantasized about…”

Because she shares my life, meets my needs and desires; so to must I meet her’s.

“…educate by example and patient answer while remembering I don’t have all the answers or even the best answers…”

This curbs my self-righteous, criticizing tendencies; people are no more required to live up to my standards as I am to theirs. Being myself, an example to some possibly instead of me beating them over the head with my words. Patient answers…answers…a response to a question, do not volunteer it. It is something I have a habit of doing too much. Instead as an outlet, I will do it through my writing people choose to read that. The last part of the statement reminds me that I still have much to learn. And the ‘awesome as fuck’ is just my happiness of this journey.

Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum

Latin for ‘If You Want Peace, Prepare For War’ is my motto. This is my life, if I want peace I have to be prepared to defend it. Like I wrote in ‘When Is War Justified’ I am peaceful, not a pacifist. I love Sgt. Rory Miller’s quote: “The only defense against evil violent men are good men with more skill at violence.”
This is my mission and my motto in life. Do you have a mission, a direction to travel?

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