Ronin’s Journey: The World and How It’s Processed

Having discovered how to find our primordial desires in the last post, today we will see what kind of operating system that nature gave us. Have you ever taken a personality test or an enneagram? I took both, different tests on multiple occasions. I like the Briggs and Meyer personality test for the reason of the logical detail it goes into.

Your brain is the most powerful computer in existence, so what is the operating system? This is where personality traits come in. It is the first line of interpretation of all the data we take in through our senses.

Well using me as an example, I look at the world and process it as an ISTJ personality type, also known as the Inspector. See how that ties with the learning drive we covered last time? ISTJ stands for Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging. I am happiest with my own thoughts and social settings drain me after a while, even in the best of company. It is just the way I am wired.

Breaking down and summarizing ISTJ’s process like this:
• Introverted Sensing (dominant) is deeply analytical of surroundings and while all this is being taken in through my senses the information is pushed to the second trait…

Extraverted Thinking is where I process and evaluate what I am taking in against previous experiences, knowledge, etc. This is usually running in the background and occasionally goes off on a tangent if nothing new is stimulating my senses. If you are holding a conversation with me and my eyes go blank, do not worry, I am still listening. It is just me focusing on using this to understand you.

• Introverted Feeling is the third trait that is instinctual to what’s true and false, most likely due to the heavy storehouse of knowledge my learning drive as stocked up over the years and quickly able to weigh new info against that. This also helps me (being a logical personality type) understand feelings and causes. Something I am not that good at. Nevertheless, I am working on it.

• Extraverted Intuition finds hidden meanings, scenarios, what ifs, and theories. The realm of spiritualists, philosophers, and religions. I’m a just the facts kind of guy so it takes awhile for me to use my weakest trait to understand.

So this is what I came up with, what I have to work with and it’s good to do some introspection and understand the why and embrace these; you will be happier in the long run since you’re not working against your nature. Now notice how well these works with what drives me, my self-interests. This is all in harmony, so next, now that I understand what drives me, how I process it, and how to use it to my advantage I can build my spiritual base, my mortality. However, that will be the next post.

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