Ronin’s Journey: The Soul And What Drives It

In the quest for self-awareness and becoming who I want to be, by putting everything in balanced harmony I have to start at the beginning. My core, my essence if you will. Strip away all that someone has learned, remove what their childhood had installed within their minds and find the primal center.

What drives them? What drives someone to get out of bed in the morning besides hunger, thirst, shelter and sexual desire?

Is it to see what pleasures await, perhaps they want to feed their sense of importance?  Maybe they are pushed to fulfill a personal mission, their goals, or catering to a restless spirit of creation. You could be the type who kicks off the covers to see what you can discover and learn about that day? Possibly someone simply wakes up just to help people, or a combination of a couple of these.

As for me, where I fall, is the drive to learn…always learning something new or refining something old. However I’m not driven purely by that, within I have a drive to accomplish, and I use it to make me better and help those closest to me by example or directly. My curiosity and willpower are the cornerstones of my foundation. The drawbacks, the cracks, is in my constant quest of knowledge it’s hard to find anyone to share it with (hence the blog) and being careful to not be so driven that I won’t be able to relax. In fact I only completely relax around close friends and in the woods.
So we see the base, what drives people, so what springs from it?

In my case, taken from The Soul Diamond in the second edition of The Wolf In Wolf’s Clothing I possess in my soul: ambition, harmony, teacher (help others by showing them how to help themselves), self-realizing though I have a tendency to get so focused as to become self-absorbed. This is my desire to learn, the truth seeker of my essence at work. This in combination with the occasional self-absorbed attitude fosters a fairly pragmatic nature as well the assertiveness of a man on a mission comes together with that to teach that it’s survival of the fittest. If you don’t hit your mark it’s on you. Nurturing doesn’t come easy to me and I’ll explain why in the next post when we look at my personality profile that we’re born with.

To sum up we journeyed into the heart of the primitive and instinctual part of the brain to discover (or I did, and this is my analysis of it) that I’m driven by a curiosity along with the drive to accomplish. This combines with the nature to look within and without, combining self-knowledge and real world knowledge to birth a often cold pragmatic worldview.

The next post we’ll look at the filters, processors, and communication systems we have, also known as your personality traits.

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