The Blueprint: Becoming Me

Think of this as a pyramid, the top being my ideal, the bottom being the basic foundation I was born with. What you see is a blueprint to forging who I want to be, from what I have to work from (Personality traits) to picking my personal code and the final arbiter of my decisions. From there is what I value most, intangible and tangible. The code I decided to live by. Then the Mission Statement, this is the path I will take on my life’s journey. By accomplishing this one step at a time, I become Ronin. The ideal of self-mastery. Now of course I’m going to have to analyze all this which is produced by my own research, Shrapnel, TWIWC 2nd Ed. and Unchained starting this week. This is just a taste.



Living the life I want and loving myself for it. Becoming Ronin.

Mission Statement

“si vis pacem, para bellum”

I will live life on my terms beyond the best of my ability, I will find a way. I will become a warrior supreme, the kind of husband my wife has always fantasized about, educate by example and patient answer while remembering I don’t have all the answers or even the best answers. By doing this I will be fucking awesome.

———–Vance’s Code by Choice———–


Inner Strength, Integrity, Responsibility, Loyalty, Honesty, Courage, Honor, Determination, Intelligence, Proactive, Work Ethic, Fitness, Martial Skills

Principles (Morality)

Submit To No One (my greatest weapon)

Objectivity (critical thinking), Respect Before Rudeness, Self-Accountability, Self-Respect, Personal Responsibility, Honesty Always, Justice according to this: no one or government or proxy has the right to force another through threat, action or coercion to harm another in any way, unless it’s in self-defense. Retaliation is perfectly fine, through the law. I will not impose my will on another, as I don’t believe in double standards. We’re all equal, even if other’s don’t realize it.

———–Vance’s Core By Birth———–

Mind/Processor/Basic Communication System

Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging (Inspector)

Extraverted Intuition: finds hidden meanings, scenarios, what ifs, theories (4)

Introverted Feeling: Instinctual to true/false, help understand feelings & causes (3)

Extraverted Thinking: Processing & evaluating of surroundings against memories. Runs in the background and has gone off on a tangent (2)

Introverted Sensing: Deeply analytical of surroundings. My dominant psychological trait. When I focus on something I notice a lot which then gets pushed to the second tier processor.


70% Pragmatic 30% Might Is Right

Tendency to be Self-Absorbed (Dominator/Cold)/Assertive (Guardian)

Ambitious, Harmonious, Teacher (Truth Seeker) Self-Realizing with (see above)

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