Little One: A Tribute

A year ago today we suffered a miscarriage, this is a third poem about Little One, a tribute and closure.

Little One it doesn’t seem so long ago
That you let us know you we’re going to show
A month later and you were lost
If I could’ve saved you, I would no matter the cost

A year has passed, you’d be 3 months I wager
I thought of you often, filled with grief and anger
Spilling fury and tears onto paper
The five stages of grief were to my emotions like a scraper

I’ve broken down and risen again
A slight echo of pain I’ll always carry within
It’s time to move on, I hope you understand
Living in the past, I no longer can’t

We will hold up your memory
Tell the good story
Our love will never die
You were our first, in my eye

5 thoughts on “Little One: A Tribute

  1. no words I can say would show I understand….
    know you matter …..
    Take Care…


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