Rebirth? It’s Time To Meet the Three People You Are

Continuing from Rebirth? The Journey Within we get to the part of Self-Introductions to foster self-awareness. Unchained acts like a therapist asking questions from the comfort of your home and towards the end of the book, Thorin gives possibilities (eerily accurate in most cases with me) and solutions to your answers. Questions on your present, past, goals, who you admire, etc. and expanding on the other questions. This is straightforward for someone to fill out, but the real revelation is the General Attitude Assessment, this requires help.

We all have an idea of what we are like, but how do we really come off? What is your ego hiding from you? I have tendencies to be self-righteous and judgmental, a bit of a control freak due to my independent nature, quick tempered, and critical. Which is very true, I am critical of everything and myself. The solutions to these? If it doesn’t matter to me, don’t judge as it’s not my problem. Realize I am not always right; improve my self-esteem along with more control over my emotions.

I learned this by sending the form (copied from the book with permission) to those I interact with most. They answered anonymously with the promise that I will not hold it against them; it is about making me a better person potentially so they are helping with brutal honesty. The first two of four segments are a series of 15 statements and they choose the two that you sound the most like in each statement.

Following this is the third segment on your communication, attitude, emotional sensitivity, energy, ego prominence, and motivation. As for me, I come off as quiet, critically negative or realistic (this was tied so I wonder if it depends on the thickness of their skin), balanced, even-keeled (steady), cocky, and laid back.

Now all these segments thus far, the answers have to come in clusters or at least three people of differing personalities pointing to the same things. Take note of that. Then as a bit of salve to the burn, they list your top three qualities. You look at this and Thorin’s suggestions and decide through reason and introspection if what people listed is a problem or not. Most of mine I would like to tone down, however one of the second place answers that was numerically close was the fact I can be callous. I do see this as an asset with this caveat, save it for those that deserve it by trespassing against me. Not against people who haven’t done a thing to me.

These show the three people you are, who you think you are, who others think you are, and who you really are.

From this, I can be a better version of myself, not changing for the sake of being liked but truly mastering myself. From my personal introspections, research and Thorin’s books I will have my goal, know what I am working for and toward. I’m going to begin an introspective series of essays on my journey towards being Ronin…heh, Ronin’s Journey. 🙂 As I finish I will post them here with the hope they’ll help you.


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