Final Self-Assessment of the PM for MMA

Well I finished the 18 week program and took two steps forward and one step back. Since the last assessment I started really watching the carbs to cut the fat; and it worked very well since I’m back in my comfort zone. However it appears I sacrificed some size and my strength remains the same. I taped a Press Test and posted to Facebook here. I thought I had 6 reps, and thought I’d hit 7 however 5 was all I managed. My 60lb maximum remained which is 39% of my bodyweight so at least I’m not weaker and have a good strength to body weight ratio. Let’s look at body comp:

Fitness Progress Report:

Body Composition

Body Part                      Before                  After                   -/+

Neck                               14.00                   14.25             +.25

Shoulders                  44.50                   43.62              -.88

Chest                             38.00                  38.00               0

Waist                             32.50                   32.25              -.25

Biceps                           12.75                   12.50              -.25

Forearms                   11.10                    10.87             -.23

Thighs                         21.82                   21.95              +.13

Calves                          14                           13.8                -.20

Weight                         156 lbs              151.8                 -4.2 lbs

Body Fat %                15.7%                14.6%               -1.1%

Lean Body Mass    131.6 lbs        129.60           -1.0lbs

Final tally from when I started the program I have gains in weight, lean body mass, body fat, biceps, forearms, thighs and calves. Neck and chest dropped. Hmm, looking at it that way I feel better about the results. Big picture view works. I started practicing the more complex moves of the new program on Wednesday’s and that has helped my conditioning. Now after my deload week, no exercise at all I’ll get started on Mike Mahler’s Kettlebell Solution For MMA Strength And Conditioning though not at the level he recommends. I’ll start at two for the lifts instead of 5 since it’s my first time with double kettlebells, and I’ll be sprinting once a week as well for hormonal optimization. The strength will come from

Double Kettlebell Clean and Push Press

Double Kettlebell Squat Shrug

Guard Attack

Alternating Renegade Row

Full Body Attack or Full Body Defense

Double Swing

And Conditioning from One-Handed Swings and Squat Thrusts. Two lift days, one conditioning and one sprint day. Let’s see what that forges.

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