The Darkness Within

Every individual carries darkness inside, a inner-demon that usually grows proportionate to the darkness seen. Maybe it’s a defense mechanism of the psyche or amygdala in the brain so when you meet the Big Bad you can introduce it to your Big Bad.

However, it remains like a clump of crude, misshapen iron ore that is only good for a bludgeon. The key is to grab the darkness and put it to the fire and shape it into a sword or your weapon of choice. Depending on the size of the ore you carry the work necessary may take longer than others; the heating, beating, shaping, tempering, repeating the process till its time to put the razor edge to it. Doing this instills discipline, control and focus that can be used accurately and gracefully. 

Instead of giving in to the darkness and throwing it at the nearest person, draw the sword from its sheath (inner-calm) and focus the fury to strike the Big Bad with one almighty blow. Then shake the blood off, sheath the weapon and leave the Bad you faced in the past. Only you can resurrect it and fight the battle eternal until you’re willing to strike the final blow or fall to it and lose everything. We’ve enough enemies to fight without raising the dead, look forward towards Valhalla and carry on.

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