Is Honesty Too Much To Expect From People?

Honesty. What is so difficult about this concept, this principle that you do not deceive another for your own reasons?

I’m brutally honest; if someone does not want the truth as I see it, then don’t ask me. Even honest to what some would consider a fault and here’s an example of it. Little over a year ago, I ordered a 44lb kettlebell, costing me over $100.00 bucks with shipping. Well I got it, and a few days later, I got another one. So I called the company I ordered it from and told them about their mistake. Could I have used another kettlebell? Hell yeah. I would get to double kettlebell training eventually, and a friend suggested that I don’t tell them and keep it. Something I could use and a high value. However, that’s not me; so I called and one of the owners said let me call you back. A little later, I got a call telling me “Merry Christmas, keep it.”

I’m sure the difficulty of shipping a 44lb hunk of metal played on their decision, however, my conscience was clear, and would have been clear either way. Why is this important? Because when you are honest with others, they know that you are honest with yourself and what they see is what they get. When you lie to others, they cannot be sure, when you are honest. Or if how you present yourself is a façade or real.

The reverse is the same when I deal with others, if you lie to others, then I see I cannot trust you and any dealings I have with you will be superficial to nil. The amount and depth of the lies tells me the type of person I’m dealing with. Give me the brass-knuckled truth to the brain rather than the double-edged blade of a lie to my back. You make a vow, like a wedding vow, you stick to it until the other person absolves you of it. Face it, marriages die, but until released you are committed to that person. So if I see someone in a long-term relationship or marriage and they’re fucking around, they have shown me the type of person they are. If they will break a solemn commitment to another, it would be easy to be dishonest in their dealings with me. Therefore, I don’t associate with them, I am not giving someone I cannot trust or like an ounce of my time. We would have no chance at being friends until they see what is wrong worth them and actually change. I do give second chances, however not third chances. After that, you are dead to me.

How important is honesty?

6 thoughts on “Is Honesty Too Much To Expect From People?

  1. You sound so like me it’s great to hear there are others the same. I feel so alone with my feelings of honesty. On 10 th may 2013 I found out that my husbands been lying to me about messages phone call god knows what else to his ex. I was googling honesty cos I was wondering if its just me expecting too much and maybe I should give him the chance to fuck up again. What you’ve written has made me realise I want a man who can have the same opinions u have then I can be happy and give my love to someone who deserves it! Him and her started back up 5 years ago by what I’ve found! I’ve got mug tattooed on my forehead! Clare x


    • My wife and I have total honesty, if an ex talks to her she shows me. She doesn’t have too, but she does. If some girl flirts with me I tell her. The only secrets we keep is whatever gift or surprise we have for the other. I’m glad the post helped. Maybe you two could try counseling?


      • We are but I’m too black and white on honesty. He knew that and promised never to lie to me. There’s loads of times he hasn’t lied and he knows I handle truth even if I don’t like it but lies would kill us. I’m obviously not worth keeping. For 23 years I thought I had a relationship like u and your wife has . Both read this and make sure u hold on to what you’ve got!


  2. I am the husband and are truly sorry for not telling her about one phone call and three messages five years ago. I no I should of told her and would never make that mistake again. I never made the phone call neither did I try to make contact with her. The call was just to see how things are going after not speaking for 26years. I was bloody stupid and now looks like I have lost my wife.
    What a waste
    Dick head matt


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