True Colors

A betrayer of a sacred trust
A vow made, you ground to dust
“Forsaking all others”
You quickly looked afterwards

Yes, your wife is a bitch
And your relationship is falling to bits
However, until she releases you from your vow
Neither one of you can honestly prowl

A one time transgression
Quickly became a procession
I watched you two’s actions so cruel
My anger it did fuel

My code and I are bound by integrity
And when I break it I don’t even spare me
My friends are far and few
One less now that your bill is due

I see how willing you were to break a vow to one you truly loved
So much easier to betray others like the wringing the neck of a dove
When karma comes your way
Don’t look for me to help your debt you must pay

Only friends and good people in a bad spot
Get any of the time that I’ve got
You are neither
So to me, die, and float into the ether.

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