Feinstein and Cruz Go Toe to Toe, and the Winner Is?

So yesterday Senator Ted Cruz took on Senator Feinstein about her bill. You can watch a particularly telling clip here…


See how much you mean to the Democrat Senators, they acknowledge their double standard and argue mostly emotionally. Cruz’s question was a good one and the answer was telling. Feinstein said she makes an exception for the Second Amendment. And asks that her right to opinion be respected.
Funny. And I agree, respect her right to her opinion, but when she tries to force her opinion into a law, then it effects me and changes the game. It’s no longer opinion its a fact of law.
Sen. Durbin cites case law, which is humorous to me. You have the words

…shall not be infringed

What’s that mean? No limits. Exactly. Case law is judges and lawyers attempting to limit that. Which makes their arguments invalid and the only way to make it happen is by the monopoly of force the government has.

I made this point to a friend yesterday after he saw the video, all these Senators who passed this out of committee should be arrested for treason. Wouldn’t you consider disarming the populace of the weapons that can be best used to deter an invasion by our enemies as an act of aiding and abetting America’s enemies?

However our military won’t, the younger ones are worried about their enlistment benefits and the older ones don’t know anything but the military life. A few maybe think along the same lines as I, but they stay mostly silent. They have failed their Oath. This is why I no longer say they are protecting my freedoms, since their boss the U.S Government is the biggest threat to my freedoms.

Someone had to say it.

2 thoughts on “Feinstein and Cruz Go Toe to Toe, and the Winner Is?

    • ‘Murica!
      Yeah, I’ve already decided if the people of the country allow this to continue, fuck them, they’re not worth the fight. I’ll be outta here.


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