Outlawing Body Modification?

mmmm scarification!

mmmm scarification! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now this bill came out of right field (pun intended), SB387 Body Modification Bill here. This Bill bans Scarification and dermal implants. Say what?

20-27-1510. Prohibited practices.
An artist licensed by the Department of Health shall not perform or attempt to perform:
(1) The insertion of a dermal implant; or
(2) Scarification.

What’s Scarification? Let me show you the following video…


And then we have Dermal Implants…


The morality of this bill is easily decided by this question…who owns your body? So do you think scarification and dermal implants should be banned? Why or why not?



4 thoughts on “Outlawing Body Modification?

  1. I don’t think it’s up to of a bunch of legislative dictators to decide for me what I can or cannot do with my own damned body. This is absurd as NY’s ban on fish pedicures. If I allow someone to alter my body and they screw it up, we have civil courts to handle the matter if it can’t be worked out privately. Beyond that, the state can just butt the hell out of my life and tend to their own business and bodies.


      • Look at it from that uber-religious sect of the GOP’s point of view…only heathen hippie freaks (dems) do such things to themselves. The hippie freaks want to mother us all because Nanny Knows Best so there’s the Dems reasoning. Both sides figure regulating something can mean profits on the enforcement end so hey, what’s another law to break, right?

        Or hell, maybe some lawmaker’s teenager went out & got a row of Lizard Studs across their brow and pissed off a parent in power lol.


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