The Pleasures Of Philosophy

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For Christmas my best friend and his family gave me Striking Thoughts: Bruce Lee’s Wisdom for Daily Living and I thought this would be good questions to answer. An excerpt from the book.

When I enrolled in the University of Washington and was enlightened by philosophy, I regretted all my previous immature assumptions. My majoring in philosophy was closely related to the pugnacity of my childhood. I often ask myself these questions:
What comes after victory?

Why do people value victory so much?

What is “glory”?

What kind of “victory” is “glorious”?

My answers to these are:

What comes after victory?
Victory to me is victory over myself. That victory raises the bar and sets up the road to the next victory.

Why do people value victory so much?
It shows ability and/or growth.

What is “glory”?
What others think of your achievements. Pride is what you think of your achievements.

What kind of “victory” is “glorious”?
Any victory that triumphs over a personal handicap, like a quadraplegic moving on their own limbs again.

What are the answers you have?

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