Can The U.S Government Bomb Americans At Home?

Well you have probably heard by now that Hugo Chavez is dead…

However did you hear that Attorney General Eric Holder verified that Obama and himself believe that the federal government has a right to kill you with a drone? No? Well in a reply to Senator Rand Paul, Holder wrote…


As members of this administration have previously indicated, the US government has not carried out drone strikes in the United States and has no intention of doing so. As a policy matter moreover, we reject the use of military force where well-established law enforcement authorities in this country provide the best means for incapacitating a terrorist threat. We have a long history of using the criminal justice system to incapacitate individuals located in our country who pose a threat to the United States and its interests abroad. Hundreds of individuals have been arrested and convicted of terrorism-related offenses in our federal courts.

The question you have posed is therefore entirely hypothetical, unlikely to occur, and one we hope no president will ever have to confront. It is possible, I suppose, to imagine an extraordinary circumstance in which it would be necessary and appropriate under the Constitution and applicable laws of the United States for the President to authorize the military to use lethal force within the territory of the United States. For example, the president could conceivably have no choice but to authorize the military to use such force if necessary to protect the homeland in the circumstances like a catastrophic attack like the ones suffered on December 7, 1941, and September 11, 2001.

Emphasis is mine. So, what the fuck happened to Due Process? Oh yeah, that took a fatal round to the head after the NDAA went in effect. Obama claims he’s not a dictator but who else but a dictator can order your assassination whenever he desires? Wouldn’t be the first American he’s killed. Here’s a New York Time’s story about his kill list. I’ve covered drones in the following posts: A Nation Of Slaves, Look Up In The Sky! Its a bird! Its a plane! No! ITS BIG BROTHER!, and What Would You Do If America Was Another Country’s Battleground?

Still think you’re free? A boot on your throat decided by a majority is still a boot on your throat. Get your head out of the tv and wake up! If this country melts down I’m leaving you to your fates. The cancer of apathy will not claim me. Instead think of my words as chemotherapy. Don’t reject the treatment and go terminal!


Eric Holder: Yes, Your Government Can Drone You to Death on U.S. Soil (UPDATED)

|Mar. 5, 2013 4:12 pm

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