Three Years of Dedication; Conventional Wisdom Falls to the Primal Blueprint & Kettlebells

Wow, I just finished looking at my stats from three years ago. What stats, you’re wondering: my physical stats since I started intelligently training. I always trained but never knew what the hell I was doing. Let’s see how far I have come…

                                  March 2010              June 2011                 January 2013

Weight                    166.4lbs                               137                          153.8

Neck                        14.5in                                   14                              14.2

Shoulders              42.5                                      41.75                       44.8

Chest                       40.5                                      36                              38

Biceps                     13.25                                    11.75                        12.4

Forearms              11.25                                     10.33                       11

Waist                       34.5                                       30                             32.5

Thigh                       22.5                                       19.5                         22.10

Calves                     14.25                                     13.25                      13.8

LeanBody Mass  131.78lbs                             123.12                   130.5

Bodyfat                  20.8%/34.61lbs               10.13%/13.87     15.2%/23.37

Look at the belly

If you’ve read my Primal Blueprint Success Story here you’ll see how I dropped all the weight and so far kept the fat at athletic levels according to the YMCA. Or fitness levels

June 2010

here, as long as I stay in this area I’m good. Three years ago, I was shocked at my waist and the fact my strength was nowhere near where I thought it was. I mean my 15lb kettlebell I considered heavy and my 25lb dumbells really heavy. At one point I hit 174lbs, and that was the final straw. I jumped into a lifestyle change with the Primal Blueprint. Fat started disappearing, lean muscle mass disappearing as well, probably from the caloric deficit. But that could be built back up.

Jan 2011


And I did, with the help of Pavel’s Enter The Kettlebell and starting with the sad little 15lb kettlebell to the 30lb kettlebell (close to average) to now alternating between the 44lb and 53lb kettlebells. So between the ballistics of swings and snatches and the grinds of high volume presses and TGUs, I have come  a long way. Strength has come a long way and the size is coming back but its back as muscle. And it’s a new year, I’m just getting started. In fact my second assessment of the year is next Sunday, and In April I’ll document the change the Program Minimum for MMA has accomplished in pictures. Then…double kettlebell work. To see all the details check out Ronin’s Primal/Kettlebell Journey

44 and 53 last June 2012

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