Open Carry Got Buried

Yesterday the Open Carry bill died in committee, and I could tell you what happened but Nicholas Horton was there and wrote this post here on it. However I will say that the main thing that affected it was Arkansas State Police Director Witt’s testimony. One quote that stood out is this quote:

We oppose this bill because of officer safety reasons. Often time officers encounter suspects with guns and they have to make split second decisions. Sometimes..those seconds are critical. If a person is allowed to open carry, we feel like that would cause an officer to have to pause to wonder if that person is legally carrying or not and that those critical seconds could cost an officer his life.

This argument is made every time this is brought up. When Oklahoma was debating their Open Carry law the head of their Highway Patrol made the same argument. It passed and guess what, nothing happened. How about the cops worry more about the gun that’s in someone’s hand than the one on the belt. Horton makes excellent counterpoints in his post to the Director’s comments.

In other news, the Faculty Campus Carry bill is on it’s way to the Governor for his signature. He said he’ll sign it, and their isn’t a emergency clause to automatically make it law, so we’ll see.

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