Open Carry In Arkansas?

HB1408, the Permitted Open Carry Act, been waiting on this for a while. It changes current concealed carry law by adding ‘openly’ to it.

(1) “Carry a handgun in public” means to carry a handgun either openly or concealed in a public place that is not otherwise prohibited by


And all current Concealed Handgun Licenses will be recognized as Open Carry.

This bill as heavy opposition such as House Speaker Davy Carter, and right now it’s in the House Judiciary Committee here at

On Tuesday they’ll bring it up at 10 am. So contact the following :

Chair Representative Representative Marshall Wright
Vice Chair Representative John T. Vines
Representative Darrin Williams
Representative Jim Nickels
Representative Mary L. Slinkard
Representative Nate Steel
Representative Matthew J. Shepherd
Representative Jeremy Gillam
Representative John W. Walker
Representative Sue Scott
Representative Mark D. McElroy
Representative David Kizzia
Representative Stephen Magie
Representative Charlene Fite
Representative Bob Ballinger
Representative John Baine
Representative Wes Wagner
Representative Micah S. Neal
Representative Mary Broadaway
Representative Monte Hodges

I would urge you to say pass it, this link shows the states that have here so it’s not new. The main argument against it I’ve heard is ‘I don’t want to walk around seeing guns on people’s hips.’

Yes, well the Second Amendment says “shall not infringe” and all laws restricting it is infringing. My Rights are not subject to your approval or if you feel uncomfortable. If someone was going to use a gun against you then they won’t be advertising the fact they have a gun. Surprise is a tactical advantage. And how the CHL process works in this state is a class in the law, then you have to prove you can shoot, followed by a F.B.I Background Check, along with an Arkansas State Police Background Check, fingerprints and finally, your local sheriff has to  sign off on it.

It’s not the guns you’ll see that should bother you, it’s the one that is pointed at you. It’s the mind and intent behind the tool, not the tool.

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