What Brings You Joy?

What are your simple joys in life? The things you make time for, that you prioritize. What are the benefits of them?


Myself, I make time at least twice, usually 3 times a week to pick up a Kettlebell and train. An hour at the most, the shorter the better as long as the intensity is there for a good session.


Why do I love it? I am improving myself, learning my limits and beating them all. Functional fitness. Why I love it is also the benefits.


Wednesdays, comic book day, where I can escape into the world of fantasy. Life takes so much attention and thought it is nice to escape to Gotham City, or run with the X-Men. Benefit: relaxation. 


Reading anything of my interest. When I start something, and even before for that matter, I research, and continue afterwards gaining even more understanding. Benefit: knowing myself and the power of applied knowledge.


Saturdays: Martial Arts (also a much read topic) which bleed over into the week as I practice and internalize the “how”, “why”. Benefits: fitness, confidence, and self-defense.


And most importantly, the one thing that trumps all the others combined, Sundays when I go on dates with my wife. If I miss more than one date day, my mood goes to crap. Quality Time with her makes me feel loved, and one of the few things that keeps me off the Internet. Priorities after all. Benefits: love, spiritual recharge and a healthy marriage. 


So what brings you joy? What does it say about you?

2 thoughts on “What Brings You Joy?

  1. The Sunday dates are really cool; it’s awesome you guys set aside the time to do that. Hang on to that as years go by and life gets more hectic.

    I should work on incorporating more joyful things in day-to-day life; it’s easy to get hung up on the problems you really can’t fix and I am really bad about taking everything way too seriously. Odd as it sounds, the prison advocacy brought me tremendous joy…feels good to slip back into that place. Feeling useful IS joyful – at least it is for me.


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